Since 2011, I have been organising small group trips to Bhutan, supporting the work of the Australian Himalayan Foundation. If you would like to find out more about an AHF trip, please get in touch, here.

For more information about a forthcoming photography tour to Bhutan in November 2020 with adventure travel photographer, Andrew Peacock, please click here:

Or to trek with me to the base of Bhutan's highest mountain, Gangkhar Punsum in October 2020, follow this link:

To make your own arrangements to travel to Bhutan, I highly recommend contacting Tshering Norbu (known as Norbu), managing director of Bespoke Bhutan Tours. Norbu has been my guide every year since 2010 and has undertaken all the treks and sightseeing tours featured in my photographs. 

Norbu can be contacted by email or via the Bespoke Bhutan Tours website

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